Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Congrats to the HHS girls varsity soccer team for winning conference last night in their 2-0 victory over Germantown.

The girls play their regional game TBA on Thursday June 3rd.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting close

I hope that Molly is getting close. A friend of our went in to the hospital last night to have her baby boy...Good Luck E & J. We hope all goes well. Also did some financial planning to get ready for baby Navarre. Things seem to be progressing, as baby class says, I am ready for this to be an outside baby!

Weekend went really well, The girls team stomped Mukwonago 6-0 in a well played game at home on Friday. Saturday morning I went golfing and after that, got a lot done from mowing the lawn to cleaning up portions of the house. Sunday, my team won he Ultimate Scramble Challenge finishing even but one hole ahead of the opposing team. Highlight of the day for me was driving a ball on a par 4 and getting green in one! We birdied the hole. Got home and finished with some more chores.

Masters class tonight, game tomorrow at Germantown, Birthing class Wednesday, Home game against New Berlin Thursday, IEP meeting and 1/2 day on Friday.....Busy week once again!


Friday, May 21, 2010

May showers bring a baby?

This was a very long and stressful week. There were many demands at work. Masters class has also kept me busy. A huge thanks to Christopher the Redwing loving English teacher who has helped make my papers grammatically correct. (Unlike this blog) The kids in 4th hour threw a surprise baby shower for me bringing sandwiches and pooling together to get Mr. Navarre the DoD (Daddy Diaper bag) (mine is black on black)

Molly and I are finishing the babies room and meeting with our financial advisor to help set up the appropriate insurance and education funds....with some also going to retirement.

The HHS Girls Soccer team has been playing some solid ball. Although they did not play their best game last night, they were able to pull out a win against Pius XI. A perfectly placed free kick was hammered home in the 76th minute to give Homestead the victory. There is another contest today at home against a solid Mukwonago team.

This weekend should be nice...there are no obligations Saturday or Sunday. It should be very nice to relax and spend some time outside.


Monday, May 10, 2010


Weekend was ok: Here is the news...

Friday = The most relaxing day. We did not have a long soccer practice, video in my classroom because of the cold rainy weather. Molly got her mother's day present, a new camcorder in preparation for BABY Navarre.

Saturday = The girls lost a heart-breaker to DSHA. They played well but have lost the last two (Brookfield East 3-2 and DSHA 2-0) games. Big game coming up Tuesday against Whitefish Bay. That will probably be the game to decide conference. Penguins won a home game and play at Montreal Monday to finish off (hopefully) the series.

Sunday = Did some yard work, cleaned the house up, watched Hockey. Sunday was also a pretty good day

In Store This Week:
Monday- work, practice, masters class
Tuesday- work, homework, game
Wednesday- work, practice, preggers class
Thursday- conference in Waukesha (PBIS), oil change, practice, softball game
Friday- work, homework, away game
Saturday- two away games, hopefully penguin hockey round 3 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Sunday- ?

That is me sitting in the chair with future baby Navarre with Lambeau behind the vacuum (I just finished vacuuming) while Molly works and runs around and apparently throws another child around in the air and cooks mac and cheese and carries her briefcase that she doesn't use. I am a little worried that Molly has three arms. That must be from whatever cooking she did prior to the chicken it looks like she is throwing around with the baby. I wonder where she got the second baby from?


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Big Week!

Lots going on this week! We'll start at the beginning.

Monday: School went well. After girls soccer practice I went to my Masters class. We received a lot of homework and a lot of reading.

Tuesday: School was ok, but schedules for next years students came out and there is a lot to adjust and change to make sure kids are in the right spots. After school from 2:30 to 5:30 I worked on my masters homework. Got a long paper done and a few discussions. I also was able to upload my resume and respond to the questions on another discussion board. The girls played at Nicolet and won the game 3-1. They have been winning, but have not been playing to the best of their ability. The Penguins won at Montreal and the Brewers won at LA Dodgers. Not a bad day overall.

Wednesday: School went well. I want to feel like the dogs miss me because I have put in two straight 15+ hour days. They like Molly better than me anyway. After school, we had a girls soccer practice and that went pretty well. From practice I drove to my masters class to meet with my adviser. She explained some of the FAFSA process that the school had to go through so that I could get financial aid. It went well, I had all my ducks in a row (Again, thanks mostly to Molly) and now we are waiting for the email from school. When the meeting with my adviser was finished I raced back to Mequon to the Columbia Center for my birthing class. We got a tour of the birthing center which was very nice. It is all brand new and looks very comfortable. After birthing class we watched some NHL playoffs and went to bed.

Thursday: Thursday has just begun. Today we are working on fixing those schedules. The book, Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness just came out and I am excited to read it. (I suggest reading the first two books : The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and The Answer) Also, I am excited for Mockingjay to come out this summer (Suzanne Collins> Hunger Games and Ctahcing Fire) and If Christopher Paolini finished it, the last book in the Inheritance Cycle. Back to real life, The girls soccer team has a HUGE game tonight against Brookfield East at home. East and Homestead are both ranked in the top ten in the state (not that ranking mean a whole lot) and it should be the toughest game to this point in the girls unbeaten season. They follow up this Brookfield game, with a game against #1 ranked Divine Savior-Holy Angels, DSHA, on Saturday. Unfortunately, we have a few injuries and illnesses and it would be great to have both teams at 100%, but this is an opportunity for some to prove themselves in difficult games. We will see how they step up.

Looking forward to a great finish of the week. Going to finish off my reading and my homework for my masters class tonight and hopefully arrive home from a victorious soccer game tonight.