Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A BIG Day!

Tomorrow I have all of my testing:

Bone Marrow Biopsy
Bone Density
Pulmonary Function Test
CT Scan of Chest and Head
Meeting with Dr.
Plenty of others that I'm sure I'm missing at the moment

I am very excited.  Can't wait, actually.  It's a huge milestone.  Pray for negative for the biopsy-That's a positive! 

Hockey has started.  Going well.  We haven't had an official game yet but we had a monster scrimmage with Green Bay Notre Dame, Whitefish Bay/Nicolet/Shorewood, Cedarburg, Marquette and Fondulac.  My coaching staff has really come together: Todd Butkovich-A Green Bay Southwest alum who Molly knows from high school, David Craig-old buddy of mine and former high school hockey teammate, Jake Waraksa-Wausau West alum and back again to help the HHS program is Chris Spartz.  Looking forward to a fun and hopefully successful season.

Please pray for good things again tomorrow.  Leukemia sucks but you guys/gals don't!

Hope everyone is healthy and happy,

Tony Navarre