Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day -2

I posted a tour of my hospital apartment on facebook, but many of you are unable to see that so I'll give you the brief summary.

My room is fairly large with a sink in the room and in the bathroom. I have plenty of room for my clothes, movies, cribbage board, PS3...I have a ledge on the North wall of my room which has a nice view. My computer, kindle, phone, and playstation controllers all have their space on the ledge. My family picture is on the drawer next to my bed. On the South wall there is a calendar of the 3+ weeks that I will be here (doesn't go past 4 weeks) and they have projected how I will feel through-out the process.

I am going to be very very vulnerable to infections, illnesses, etc until at least the 14th of December. So much so, that they say as few visitors as possible (none) and try not to get mail in the room, or anything that could carry germs or bacteria. The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (BMT) is filtered, and then each individual room is filtered again from the air, so there are two sets of air filtration working on keeping germs and bacteria out.

I brought plenty of toys, books, movies, and activities to keep myself checking up on the #7 ranked Homestead Highlander Hockey team, my fantasy sports teams, and Skype. Anyone that wants to skype me feel free, just so long as you know that if I feel like crap, I probably wont answer :)

I can hardly believe that we are here, and by we I mean every person who has helped me get this far! I am sitting in the Bone Marrow Transplant wing with a vision of putting cancer in my rear view mirror! I will post again tomorrow and hopefully everyday of this journey. Thanks and I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy...until tomorrow day -1!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day -3

Another day of blood and chemo at Froedtert. Basically, what that means is that I get there, give about 3 or 4 viles of blood, go up one floor to the Day hospital, they take me back and hook me up to an IV, and then commence with the anti nausea medicines, the fluids and the chemotherapy drugs. I feel good, no side effects, and am anxiously awaiting tomorrow, when I am checked in for inpatient. I got to see my Transplant doctor once again and all went well. Dr. Palmer (she) is really good at answering questions and being on top of things. Really really happy with how things have gone with her.

As my family spent Thanksgiving in Port, we took some fun pictures of the meal preparations and I figured I could share some of them here.Our first attempt at the Thanksgiving dinner turned out pretty well I think.

The Packers were playing well, and we timed all of our food and football watching and napping perfectly.
Adeline was very into the Packer game, cheering for the Pack on many occasions.Food time fit perfectly into halftime and we enjoyed the Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatos, and green bean casserole.
Adeline got into the tub with her PJ's and diapers on before mom had the chance to catch her. All was fine, minus the changing out of the clothes again and an extremely heavy diaper.

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as awesome as ours and that this post finds everyone happy and healthy.
Tony, Molly, and Adie

Monday, November 28, 2011