Saturday, September 22, 2012


Sorry it has been so long. Being back at school...yes back to work...has been great, but so busy.

Health report: Things have been going smoothly. I will have my year exam soon. I cannot believe it has almost been a year since my transplant. My blood tests keep coming back positive and I have been feeling good. Still taking quite a few medications and I have not started weening from my anti rejection drugs, but that is all in the plan. My doctor told me that she wants to take the weening slower this time, as I had GVHD when we weened the last time.

School report: Things have been going very well at school. I have had a couple of meetings and really enjoy the new schedule. My team teaching partner and I are having fun teaching math. Boys soccer has been fun, although we are not getting the good results that we need. Hockey does not start until November 5th. It has been great getting into that though. So much fun being busy and being surrounded by friends. Going back to work has been incredible.

Life report: Adeline has been doing well, no more episodes and she seems to be very energetic and happy. Molly has been busy with work also but really likes the kids she is working with this year. Was able to go to a Packer game, and although they lost, I had an amazing time! Got to see a bunch of friends from college. How about those Brewers! Pretty darn exciting.

Hope everything is going well with everyone else, I will try to keep up with my blog a little better. Enjoy the weekend, go Brewers, go Packers, go Highlanders.