Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 137

Things are by no means perfect, and I have a long way yet to go, but I do feel pretty good. My doctor officially took me off the anti-rejection drugs today, we will see how that affects things. I am still on quite a few pills, and need to continue to drink lots of fluids, but it was a good appointment. My doc said I was still doing better than someone in my position should be. I just hope to keep on improving and working hard at staying healthy!

Thanks Everyone!!!!
Tony Navarre

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Appointment tomorrow

I have got appointments tomorrow. They start at about 11 and never really know how long you are going to be there. Going to bring my kindle and try to finish up the 5th book in Game of Thrones series. Hoping to hear more good news, more flexibility, and more info on how my counts and bloodwork look.

HHS Girls still unbeaten with a nice win against Port Washington tonight. I don't even want to think about the Penguins and their game 4 tomorrow. Draft for the Packers coming up, on the heels of Megatron saying if the Lions stay healthy, they will win the Superbowl. I'll believe that when I see it. Brewers with an excellent come from behind walk-off win tonight against a solid Dodgers team. Kottaras coming through huge with a 2 RBI hit to win the game in the ninth! Good luck to Alex a playoffs are going on for the Youngstown Phantoms.

Thanks for meeting us for dinner Uncle Ryan!

More to come tomorrow, Hope everyone is doing well. So a great little saying that can go with anyone fighting cancer, but specifically for Leukemia...

For Every Fight Won
For Each Battle Lost
For Those Still Fighting...
I Proudly Wear Orange

Love you all,
Tony Navarre

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Fools?

I guess when I said that I was going to do a blog the the next day, that was an April Fools Joke. HAHA, very funny.

In doctoral news, I have continued to get good news. I am ahead of the game as far as how I am doing. "For how bad I was when I was first there, I am doing better than expected." I feel very good, with the exception of occasional headaches and some rashing around my arms, legs, face and stomach, I am doing very well. After my "toe collision" in indoor soccer, I had some drainage (gross) and some bleeding, so I got the "Why don't you take a few weeks off from indoor...." from my doctor. Believe me, if she says not to do something, I will not! Number one, I never want to be where I was at ever again! Number two, my toe was killing me and it gave me an excuse. Number three, Molly heard, and if I ever tried to do something Palmer said no to, I would be in deep! Finally, if it means I can play more into the Spring and Summer, I will wait. Some other good signs...I have a few nicks and cuts that I have gotten putting in the car seat, scratch from Adeline, and the toe, and they all seem to be healing like a normally healing person. That is good, prior to me being diagnosed, I would get a cut like that, or hurt myself and it would take FOREVER to heal. So, there is all the news on the doctor front. If you want to quit now and skip all the silly sports and life stories beyond this, I would not blame you.

Homestead Girls soccer playing well. Some very close games and some very fun practices. Very fun group of ladies with a lot of talent. BREWERS are BACK!!! Love watching the games...especially seeing as how last year I was unconscious for opening day. Makes things more know...being able to see and hear the games. :) Pittsburgh Penguins playing unreal...#5 Philly plays at #4 Penguins in what could be a ridiculous 1st round of NHL playoffs. The Packers are getting close to draft time and we can see who the 2013 Super Bowl Champs will Draft.

Finally, the family is doing very well, Adeline was stuck with a fever for a few days, but came out of it alright. Mols is back to work and loving it, although, spring break is nice. We are getting back to old habits: meeting at parks, having dinner with friends when things are not crowded, and taking bike rides and playing cards. Very steadily, life is returning to normal. Also, wanted to say if anyone is really more concerned than my bi weekly blogs, I am now on Twitter @navarre17 wink wink!

Thanks to everyone! Hope you are all healthy and happy!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gotta Get Caught Up

Well, there will be a good long blog coming up tomorrow. It has been a few weeks, so there is a lot to report. All is well and I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. Also, finally got my Tweet set up. @navarre17 I figure, its time to get with it...Johnny H convinced me facebook was ok, may as well make the jump on my own here :)

Tony Navarre