Thursday, March 22, 2012


Not very important....But if you want to see my ugly mug on TV, FOX 6 is doing a little piece about Leukemia and getting on the marrow register tonight at around 9:30. I hope it goes ok, we really wanted to focus on people getting on the registry.

Wow, Tom Pipines and the whole crew did a great job. FOX 6
Thank you.

Some Great Strides!

Well, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, for me to get sick, get a fever, a cold...something. Not going to happen. I have felt great. Each week I gain a little more freedom. I was told that I could go without the mask unless I am in a crowd. I can go to girls soccer try-outs, see friends and family, and even PLAY...yes PLAY in an indoor soccer game. Soooooo, first things first.... Monday and Tuesday I was able to go to girls soccer try outs. SO awesome. I am still very "photosensitive" and have to be careful how long I am outside. But holy moley!! I am OUTSIDE!!! It was great to see the girls and regain another part of my life before cancer. Tuesday night, I went to indoor soccer. I was able to work it out with a friend from summer soccer, Ted, and wow. I was a little clumsy, slow, and tired, but I made it through the entire game (picking up an assist on the first goal). Now today, I am so sore, but finally its my muscles sore from working and not from laying down, or being in the hospital or a lumbar puncture or biopsy! This is the best "sore" I have felt in a long time. I will never again complain with muscle aches and joint is so incredible to be able to have those feelings at all. Not that I love the pain or anything, but because it was athletic induced pain, it is certainly more gratifying. Wednesday, I had my doctors appointment. I was told that as long as I am careful, I can go mask free. Although, any sick people or crowds, and I have to re-wear. The most important thing I can do now, is wash and anti-bacterialize my hands whenever there is contact with: dirt, dogs, people, etc. Being the loser that I am, I walk around with a full bottle of antibaterial stuff, and with the sun, I am all bundled up in the nice Wisconsin Spring. There are worse things to have to do! The doctor also told me, that barring any major concerns, she sees no problem with me returning to Homestead in August. Can the news get any freakin' better?

Thanks to everyone I can say that it feels like things are falling into place. Life is returning to normal. I still have to be cautious and careful about the above mentioned items. My lifestyle will always be different, more careful. Even though life threw a major curve-gyro-dodge-ball, it may not have been a homer or a triple, but as a family we certainly landed on second base...with no outs and a good hitter on deck. I know I have grown as a person, and I hope for more positive outcomes in the future. Molly and I will definitely try to pay it forward. We think we have a good cause, being able to donate cord blood for free in Wisconsin...currently not available. Telling the story, if anyone else is suffering from this. Mostly, being better people all the time.

Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy! Especially, new to the world, Finley Brett H. Congrats Robin and Neil on the birth of your first son! TO NEW BEGINNINGS!!


Monday, March 12, 2012

What a week...What a weekend!!

So, the good news is, during the appointment on Friday, Molly and I were told that I am at 100% donor marrow. Today is officially day 100 as well.

Great quotes from the doctor:
"You are ahead of the game."
"With how bad your lungs were, you are better than I would have thought."
"You are over the first hurdle."

Great words from our excellent doctor! It feels very weird that today is day 100, almost 1 year to the date that I was diagnosed. What a long and crazy road it has been. I am looking forward to getting things back to normal. I am feeling good, I have not had any fevers, and have been able to spend a few days with Adeline without completely exhausting myself. My dad always said he wanted me to have a child just like I was....well, Adeline certainly has the energy, she likes to eat, and hasn't been sleeping great. Although she whines a lot and that is more Molly. HAHAHA Kidding.

Things have been going very well. Getting ready for the Brewers season to start and the girls soccer season starts soon as well. Hope everyone is great!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

And the Verdict is.....

I got a call from my Transplant doctor today! They do not know the percentage yet, but there is no evidence of leukemia in the marrow! YEA!!!! This is the longest I have gone disease free! Fanastic news, if it were a Friday, I would tell everyone to go out and have a celebration!!! Just like this fine group of young people! Hope everyone is as healthy as I feel right now!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The "BIG" one

Well, the date is set, the first major milestone post transplant. My 100 day workup. I have brought this up in past blog reports (is that what we're calling it). They are all scheduled, and thankfully, although it will be a long day, all of my appointments are going to be on Tuesday. I have a couple of follow up appointments to get all of the results, but having all the tests in one day is fantastic!! My schedule looks like this: 7am CT scan, 8am PFT (Pulmonary Function Test), 9am Labs (lots and lots of my life force), and 10am the big marrow biopsy and meeting with Dr. Palmer. WOW, that is going to be one heck of a day. As far as my body goes....take it easy, just a cancer update....I am feeling pretty darn good. I am continuing to have minor rashing, some good headaches, and a lack of sleep. However, that being the only real issues, I am pumped. I feel better each day, more like I feel more normal each day. Just looking to get things back to normal. I know that girls soccer try-outs start soon, and I really hope to be a part of that. I am still on many restrictions...I can only see a few people at a time (Molly and Adeline), I can visit the rink, but if people start coming in, I must leave. I was able to stop into school, but only for a short visit. I can only be around people who know they are healthy and have not been exposed to illnesses. The further away from transplant I get, as long as I stay healthy, the more freedom I will get. Speaking of getting things back to normal, an important date for me is coming up fairly quickly. I received the phone call from Aurora that I had leukemia on March 16th, 2011. It has been almost on year.
My weekend was fantastic. Lots of hockey on the internet and the championship game on TV. Congrats to EC Memorial for getting to state, congrats to GB Notre Dame for winning their first state hockey championship. Molly and Adeline were able to catch a play date in Sheboygan with Isla and Lauren, and then some breakfast with Bob and Michele before coming home to begin the clean-up process. I got to "sleep" in, mostly, just rolled around with weird dreams until I made myself a scrumptious Strawberry and Spinach smoothie. Molly, Adeline, and I got some much needed cleaning done on the house. Although, due to my restrictions, I don't really do much "cleaning." I do more sorting. I am not allowed to go into the basement because of the "dangers" of possible fungus or mold. Darn lungs. We have our laundry downstairs, which means water...etc, I get to fold. I like folding laundry about as much as I like running for fun. They are about even on the scale, the only thing worse than folding is probably matching socks. This is basically what I end up with every time I try to put all the socks together. We finished all the socks on Sunday. Thankfully Molly helped, although Adeline thought the purpose was to just throw socks around from one place to another. She was not helpful. We also attempted to clean out the guest bedroom, which was dusty, so I had to steer clear of there as well. We did get some things put away and some other items ready for the garage sale in Eau Claire. My dad and sister are going to be able to take the garage sale items back to Eau Claire, when they bring back our computer, which died, and was brought back to life...thank you Neil!! SOOOOOO....on to the week ahead. I am ready for a great 100 day workup. I am so thankful to everyone who has helped get me here. Hopefully, turning a major corner this week! Home stretch...?


Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy!
Tony Navarre