Tuesday, May 14, 2013

With no home!

When last I wrote, we were ready for closing on our home in Port and almost closing on our new home in Thiensville. NOW.... There was a bank/bank management company/oversight error and the people buying our home were unable to close. We had already moved completely out of our home and allowed them to move in.

Now, we have gone by 2 1/2 weeks with someone in our home, while Molly, Adeline, and I stay at our crazy generous friends and family! I have been out to the Port house 2 times to complete jobs that the "new" appraisal has turned up, and both the family moving in, and my family are playing the waiting game! What a load of crap!!

We can't thank the Bauers, B-Sieg, McCormicks, and Segebrechts enough for letting us bum around in what I call the "away-cation." Similar to the "Hometel"...the "away-cation" is a period in our life that I would love to be done with. Hopefully, this week, the buyers bank or whatever is holding things up will take care if business and we can get on with our lives. Pretty sure Molly and I have the baggy eyes and for sure I have the disheveled look of someone who is not quite taking care of their appearance. Adeline is dealing okay, she just thinks its fun to see all these new places, beds, and friends every night, like a constant sleep over. Less sleep for mom and dad, however.

Girls soccer has been going well and I continue to work on the Homestead Hockey schedule. Hopefully, my next blog will be written from my new home!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What's New

A lot is new!

Sold the home in Port Washington and we are heading to Thiensville...much much closer to school and the rink. We are very sad about moving from our friends and beautiful city of Port Washington. However, we are very excited to be moving so close to our friends in MTSD and cut down on gas, and increase our family time together.

All is well on the "cancer" front. I am 100% donor marrow, which means...so far so great!

Adeline is crazy busy but so much fun

We thank our friends and family who have put us up until all the cosings are final...Sloma, Debbie, Paul and the kids, Grandma and Grandpa in GB, and B. Sieg (Siegel)!!

Added a picture that is awesome! Makes me thankful for my donor, whoever and wherever you may be!!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy!
Tony Navarre