Saturday, December 18, 2010

17th, 18th, 19th

Well, It was a very nice weekend. Let me start with Friday.

I lost my wallet and phone on Thursday and found them both ...thanks Molly. School went well. At times, there are classes that get under my skin and I do not want to go. The students are difficult and I end up with little patience. The academics went well. I appreciate all of the students, players, friends, and family who gave me birthday wishes. Very nice! Then we went into Waukesha and played a heck of a hockey game. and also

My parents arrived Friday night. We were able to hang out in the morning. My dad and I went to get a snowblower and then we went to BD's Mongolian BBQ for my mother's and my birthday lunch. It was great. My mom stayed with Adeline while Molly, Bill (dad) went to my (coaching) hockey game against Grafton, Port, Ozaukee GPO. The boys, again, put on a nice show winning 7-2 and playing very well. CM started his first varsity game and did a heck of a job. LL had his first varsity goal as a senior which was great to see.

Molly took me out for a birthday breakfast and the rest of the day can't get any better. Love you Mols!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

What a great Thanksgiving. We were able to go to Eau Claire and hang out with the extended Navarre family. 14 people for dinner and Ad in her Pack & Play. Food was great, the ladies went shopping early on Black Friday and we got some toys for Adie, a great Ottoman set, and a DVD.

Homestead Hockey is playing well. 3-0-0 right now with wins over Greendale, Manitowoc, and Oshkosh. Huge test for the boys this week as we play Arrowhead at The Mullet and home against KMM (Kettle Moraine-Mukwonago).

Wisconsin Badgers putting another stomping in the Big Ten hammering Northwester 70-23. Wisconsin should be smelling roses. Maybe TCU, maybe Stanford? Whoever the Badgers play, assuming the Badgers play like they have the past three weeks, they better bring their A-game. The Sconnies look TOUGH!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

He shoots...He scores

Things have been well.

HUGE win for the Homestead Hockey team. We had a great crowd at the game on the boys played great. Schmitzy and ACon had nice games with 4 points each. Our Captain and team leader Treb had 9 hits and was plus 5 in the big 6-1 victory over Greendale. Game on Friday and Saturday of next week will be huge in how the season will shape up!

I am rooting like beans tomorrow that Da' Pack win at Minnesota. They will be tied with the Bears, they will have the edge in the conference, they will have beaten Favre in MN which for any Pack fan is huge, and, it will make my Monday that much better. The Pack need to make it four in a row.

In other news, Lambeau Field Navarre had a hair cut. Now this wouldn't regularly be news except that Lamb was going to grow his hair out. It was all going well until the shedding and snarling and overall smelliness. I am not sure why, but every once and a while, Lambeau smells like fish. Not my former hockey player Fischer, but like a dead sea dweller. Horrid! Why. Someone help me here. He doesn't eat fish. He doesn't roll in dead fish like my old dog Jackson used to do. I don't rub fish on him. Eww, man it is bad. So, deciding to cut the hair was a good idea, but because I had let it go for so long, it took about 2 hours to get him back to presentable. Good news is, he doesn't smell like fish, bad news is, there is a lot of hair and I need to brush him more. On the family front, Adeline is doing fantastic. She is rolling all over the place and is a real champion. i feel bad for her right now because she has been teething and she is obviously uncomfortable.
She has been "whining" a lot and it has been hard to make her feel comfortable. Just too bad. However, things are moving well, like I wrote earlier, she has been rolling, chatty (with baby words) smiley, and growy. (Growy means she has been getting bigger). Moldy is doing well. Our new favorite thing (aside from baby) is to head to the bowling alley and hit up some Buzztime trivia. Love the trivia.

I hope everyone who reads this is doing well, and as for tomorrow


Friday, November 12, 2010


Here we are in November and I am asking myself this question, which group of guys is more ridiculous, the soccer guys or the hockey guys. It has been 3 days total with the hockey players and they may have already taken the prize. The questions they ask and the things they do is beyond me. At least they are good people and good guys, otherwise I may go insane.

The Penguins are having some serious goalie issues, they sit Fluery only to have Johnson give up 7 goals. The Brewers have a new manager, Roenicke, from the LA Angels of Aneheim.

The Pack may indeed be back. Clay Matthews is a monster and Rodgers has finally put a game together, as well as special teams. Watch Matthews mic'ed up here!

Had a great time at the Packer game where they thumped the Cowboys. America's team....don't think so. Unless you think America is a bunch of giver uppers.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sometimes I Don't Understand

During lunch today I was talking to some of the soccer guys and they say things that...sometimes I just don't understand.

1> Navarre: Where is the wedding you are going to?
ZN: Its my cousins wedding.

2> ZM: Coach, why does the defense move out of the way when the goalie calls for the ball?
Navarre: So that the defense doesn't interfere with the goalie catching the ball.
ZM: Well, what if the goalie doesn't catch the ball?
Navarre: Then the goalie should not call for the ball.
ZM: What if he does anyway?
Navarre: Then the goalie made a mistake.
ZM: Why would the goalie do that?
Navarre: .......................

3> NS: Coach, why are you eating that?
Navarre: Do you mean, why am I eating this during my lunch, or why am I eating a piece of fish, or....?
NS: Why are you eating fish?
Navarre: Because it is better for me than red meat or chips and a sandwich.
NS: Why does that matter?
Navarre: Do you mean why am I eating healthy or why is it better for me or....?
NS: Why are you eating healthy?
Navarre: Besides the fact that it is better for me? I am on a diet.
NS: Why?
Navarre: I need to be more healthy.
NS: Well, how are you doing that?
Navarre: Really?!?!

This is no joke. This all just happened this hour. I could not believe it. Now, these are all great guys. Love them to death....but wow. Our last regular season game is today against a powerful Germantown team. I think the guys will be up for the challenge, but who knows for sure.
School is going well, finally almost caught up with everything I have to do. Still a couple things to check off the list.

Did our fantasy draft on Sunday and after some trading, I landed Sid the Kid, so it is going to be another sweet year for Fantasy Hockey and The Pittsburgh Penguins!
Brewers are terrible. Packers are awesome, but did not look great against the Lions. Hope they play well next week against the Redskins.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was successful.

Homestead High School Varsity soccer won all three games during the week and has a tough match today vs. Cedarburg. They need a win to stay competitive in the battle for conference.


Tomorrow, I get to stay at home with my baby girl and take care of her.

Isn't she great!!!

Had a great cookout with my friends from the Racine area. He brought his two wonderful kids and we had a great time.

My Fantasy Football drafts went well and now we are also on to Fantasy Hockey as the season quickly approaches.

Go Team Child Rear (rear...ha)

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Week

Things going fairly smooth at school. Still lots of schedule changes and such.

Big weekend for soccer, the boys have a game Friday and Saturday.

I also have three fantasy drafts this weekend.

Looking forward to having Monday (Labor Day) off.

Go HHS BOYS SOCCER and My Fantasy Football Teams!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st day catch-up

So lots going on...similar to the older post, I am going to go speed style.
- 1st day of school went well. I am looking forward to my new team teaching assignment
- I am also looking forward to this weekend
- Fantasy football draft at Dave and Busters
- 2 soccer games that HHS boys should win
- 1 soccer game that Navarre should score in
- Time with my beautiful wife and daughter
- Go Brewers even though they are done a long time ago
- Packers look like they could have a very memorable season. I am looking forward to cheering for Rodgers, Finley, Driver, Jennings, Grant, Matthews, Raji, Woodson and the entire team soon enough
- School has been great and I really like my new students. I think they will be great.
- Adeline looks great and has one of the best pictures in the history of babies
- I am already looking forward to hockey season...HHS, Pittsburgh Penguins, Putnum Ratz...ho Hockey. Hope all is well with everyone!

Go Team School Year Starts


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Congrats and a good start!

Good start to the Homestead Varsity Boys soccer season. The Boys won 2-1 in overtime against a solid Waukesha West team.

The boys began the season great, finishing on a mistake by Waukesha 42 seconds into the game. Waukesha equalized with a sharp penalty kick from just outside the 18 yard box. The play was back and forth for the next 86 minutes. at 92:32 in the second overtime, first year Varsity sophomore redirected a cross into the back of the net for the Sudden Victory (Sudden Death) winner.

Great game boys. Go Team HHS Soccer.

Sad Days

Sidney Crosby Navarre, long hair chihuahua extraordinaire was tragically killed Saturday, August 14th. Sidney dug a hole under the fence that surrounds the yard. While the Navarre's were at their family reunion, our neighbors were able to let Sidney and Lambeau out. Sidney escaped and was struck by a car at 5pm on Saturday afternoon. Sidney will be greatly missed. She was a fun loving, personable, caring, and playful companion to Molly, Tony, Adie, and Lambeau. She enjoyed playing with toys, teasing Lambeau, chasing birds and butterflies, and sleeping. She was a lap dog and always wanted to be by someone's side. Sidney, I hope to see you someday on the other side. You will be missed.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sad Post

Unfortunately, I am writing this from school, which means that we are back to school very soon. WOW!!!

Adeline has been doing very well.

Molly has been great, although tired.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Has Been Awhile

Wow, the last time I posted was before the big state championship soccer game. Unfortunately, the girls from Homestead could not overcome an early (42 seconds) lead by Verona and lost 2-0. It was a great and successful season and look forward to goo things to come from the Homestead Ladies.

Adeline had a doctors appointment yesterday and she is now 10 pounds 11 oz. She is packin on the pounds and seems to be doing very well (with the normal baby things that go on). I am looking forward to her getting even bigger.

I finished my 3rd and 4th masters classes over the summer. Policy and research were the classes (tons of fun) see:

We are on our way to Adeline's second Brewer game. This time we are going to tailgate and see how it goes. She has plenty of stuff to keep busty with and we have provided numerous options for shade and comfort. Wish that happened to me sometimes.

Navarre started running a little the past few weeks. Did I mention how much I hate running. Well, Mr. Heart and Mr. Weight both came to see me and let me know that something had to change. Sooooo, we will see how it goes. My side constantly hurts and I think there is something wrong with both of my legs because even though I tell them to keep running, they take walk detours and also gaze longingly at taverns and beverage establishments. I have to change my route.

Hope all is well, I am going to post a little more often if I can. we shall see.

Go Brew Crew and Go Team Legs, Heart, Weight!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Can the Homestead High School girls soccer team do it? That is the big question today. At 2:00pm HHS takes on Verona in the Wisconsin High School State Soccer Final. After beating DSHA in OT yesterday in a hard fought match, Homestead advanced.

The girls really started their roll when they beat Brookfield Central in a 6-5 shoot-out to win the sectional semi-final. After that, they advanced on an early goal against Brookfield East. The defense and the team held strong and won the sectional final 1-0. On Thursday, June 17th, the ladies outplayed a very solid Waukesha West team. Both teams struggled to get the ball in the net, each having a near goal on a post (HHS hitting 3, 2 pipes and a crossbar). Another shoot-out proved too much for Waukesha as the Highlanders took the win. Although the shoot-out was a bit sloppy, and each goalie made a save, and the Highlanders triumphed, winning 3-1. Finally, in yesterday's match-up with 2 time defending champion powerhouse DSHA (Divine Saviour, Holy Angel), Homestead controlled the ball and were able to play their game. DSHA showed some strengths in ball possession, but I believe the Highlanders had many more dangerous chances in the DSHA end (I am also a coach, so I have a bit of a biased opinion on the game). In the 88th minute of play, a Homestead midfielder was fouled 25 yards out, over the top right corner of the box. A Homestead defender lined up the free kick and drove a beautiful ball into the far upper right corner lifting the Highlander to a 1-0 win.

Can they do it? Can the Homestead Highlander finish the season on top of the Mountain? They certainly have the skill and ability to outplay any team in the state. It will all depend on the energy they bring to the field and the passion that they play with. I certainly hope that the Highlander women have their 2nd State title in 4 years!

(In one last note, the Journal Sentinal needs to check the information they have. The player who struck the crossbar was incorrect, the Homestead keeper never bobbled a ball in the second half, and the defender was not the player fouled on the free kick which won the game)

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, after numerous blogs and posts and updates, Navarre has had a new member added to his family!!! We welcomed Adeline here on June 12th. She is beautiful and Molly is doing well.

I was very nervous when all of the sudden we went from normal labor to an emergency c-section!Although there were some stressful moments, everyone "came out" ok in the end. We have now been at the hospital for a few days and are on the way home!

Both sets of grandparents have had a chance to see the new babe! 3 out of 3 siblings have been able to Skype and see the new girl. Numerous work friends and relatives have been awesome and come to visit!

At the same time, while I was having my beautiful baby girl, the Homestead Soccer Team won their sectional final and made the state tournament!( ) They begin the tournament on Thursday at noon against Waukesha West. West is a very solid team, so it should be a good game. I hope we can play solid defense once more! (Note: in picture below, HHS v. Grafton there is a stunning and intelligent coach in the background. Wow, he is intense)

Again, great is over, baby girls is born, soccer to state!

Go Team Navarre's Life!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It has been a while since the blog update: Here is the speed version of Blog writing...

- Finals this week, lots of students taking lots of different tests, needing them read out loud, and taking care of any other grade issues

- BABY Navarre is still not here. We are one week late as of tomorrow. We have a doctor appointment today.

- Girls soccer play in the sectional semi-final on Thursday at home against Brookfield Central.Go Team School Ends!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Congrats to the HHS girls varsity soccer team for winning conference last night in their 2-0 victory over Germantown.

The girls play their regional game TBA on Thursday June 3rd.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting close

I hope that Molly is getting close. A friend of our went in to the hospital last night to have her baby boy...Good Luck E & J. We hope all goes well. Also did some financial planning to get ready for baby Navarre. Things seem to be progressing, as baby class says, I am ready for this to be an outside baby!

Weekend went really well, The girls team stomped Mukwonago 6-0 in a well played game at home on Friday. Saturday morning I went golfing and after that, got a lot done from mowing the lawn to cleaning up portions of the house. Sunday, my team won he Ultimate Scramble Challenge finishing even but one hole ahead of the opposing team. Highlight of the day for me was driving a ball on a par 4 and getting green in one! We birdied the hole. Got home and finished with some more chores.

Masters class tonight, game tomorrow at Germantown, Birthing class Wednesday, Home game against New Berlin Thursday, IEP meeting and 1/2 day on Friday.....Busy week once again!


Friday, May 21, 2010

May showers bring a baby?

This was a very long and stressful week. There were many demands at work. Masters class has also kept me busy. A huge thanks to Christopher the Redwing loving English teacher who has helped make my papers grammatically correct. (Unlike this blog) The kids in 4th hour threw a surprise baby shower for me bringing sandwiches and pooling together to get Mr. Navarre the DoD (Daddy Diaper bag) (mine is black on black)

Molly and I are finishing the babies room and meeting with our financial advisor to help set up the appropriate insurance and education funds....with some also going to retirement.

The HHS Girls Soccer team has been playing some solid ball. Although they did not play their best game last night, they were able to pull out a win against Pius XI. A perfectly placed free kick was hammered home in the 76th minute to give Homestead the victory. There is another contest today at home against a solid Mukwonago team.

This weekend should be nice...there are no obligations Saturday or Sunday. It should be very nice to relax and spend some time outside.


Monday, May 10, 2010


Weekend was ok: Here is the news...

Friday = The most relaxing day. We did not have a long soccer practice, video in my classroom because of the cold rainy weather. Molly got her mother's day present, a new camcorder in preparation for BABY Navarre.

Saturday = The girls lost a heart-breaker to DSHA. They played well but have lost the last two (Brookfield East 3-2 and DSHA 2-0) games. Big game coming up Tuesday against Whitefish Bay. That will probably be the game to decide conference. Penguins won a home game and play at Montreal Monday to finish off (hopefully) the series.

Sunday = Did some yard work, cleaned the house up, watched Hockey. Sunday was also a pretty good day

In Store This Week:
Monday- work, practice, masters class
Tuesday- work, homework, game
Wednesday- work, practice, preggers class
Thursday- conference in Waukesha (PBIS), oil change, practice, softball game
Friday- work, homework, away game
Saturday- two away games, hopefully penguin hockey round 3 Stanley Cup Playoffs
Sunday- ?

That is me sitting in the chair with future baby Navarre with Lambeau behind the vacuum (I just finished vacuuming) while Molly works and runs around and apparently throws another child around in the air and cooks mac and cheese and carries her briefcase that she doesn't use. I am a little worried that Molly has three arms. That must be from whatever cooking she did prior to the chicken it looks like she is throwing around with the baby. I wonder where she got the second baby from?


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Big Week!

Lots going on this week! We'll start at the beginning.

Monday: School went well. After girls soccer practice I went to my Masters class. We received a lot of homework and a lot of reading.

Tuesday: School was ok, but schedules for next years students came out and there is a lot to adjust and change to make sure kids are in the right spots. After school from 2:30 to 5:30 I worked on my masters homework. Got a long paper done and a few discussions. I also was able to upload my resume and respond to the questions on another discussion board. The girls played at Nicolet and won the game 3-1. They have been winning, but have not been playing to the best of their ability. The Penguins won at Montreal and the Brewers won at LA Dodgers. Not a bad day overall.

Wednesday: School went well. I want to feel like the dogs miss me because I have put in two straight 15+ hour days. They like Molly better than me anyway. After school, we had a girls soccer practice and that went pretty well. From practice I drove to my masters class to meet with my adviser. She explained some of the FAFSA process that the school had to go through so that I could get financial aid. It went well, I had all my ducks in a row (Again, thanks mostly to Molly) and now we are waiting for the email from school. When the meeting with my adviser was finished I raced back to Mequon to the Columbia Center for my birthing class. We got a tour of the birthing center which was very nice. It is all brand new and looks very comfortable. After birthing class we watched some NHL playoffs and went to bed.

Thursday: Thursday has just begun. Today we are working on fixing those schedules. The book, Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness just came out and I am excited to read it. (I suggest reading the first two books : The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and The Answer) Also, I am excited for Mockingjay to come out this summer (Suzanne Collins> Hunger Games and Ctahcing Fire) and If Christopher Paolini finished it, the last book in the Inheritance Cycle. Back to real life, The girls soccer team has a HUGE game tonight against Brookfield East at home. East and Homestead are both ranked in the top ten in the state (not that ranking mean a whole lot) and it should be the toughest game to this point in the girls unbeaten season. They follow up this Brookfield game, with a game against #1 ranked Divine Savior-Holy Angels, DSHA, on Saturday. Unfortunately, we have a few injuries and illnesses and it would be great to have both teams at 100%, but this is an opportunity for some to prove themselves in difficult games. We will see how they step up.

Looking forward to a great finish of the week. Going to finish off my reading and my homework for my masters class tonight and hopefully arrive home from a victorious soccer game tonight.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bam: Thats Lambeau and Sidney!

These are the Port Navarre's dogs. The 8lb behemoth in the rear of the picture is Sidney Crosby you know who is going to be on you like lightning. The One Eyed Wonder in the front is Lambeau Field Navarre, so after lightning hits, Cyclops is going to finish the job!
Look at them attack those chewies. Those chewies used to be John Cena!


Nice times had by all

What a fantastic weekend!

Friday, good soccer practice, finished painting ceiling in kitchen and cleaned the whole house. My friend Debbie had me over for a soda on the sidewalk and I pulled her daughter, Jenna, on her Rollerblades. (She should be a hockey player)

Saturday: Molly and I went to a great baby shower and got some awesome presents. Our friends and family are so generous. I don't know what we would do without them. My dog, Lambeau, protected the presents while they were in the car. He even had a first aid kit for the present-napper. He would have mauled the thief within an inch of his life, then, like any good dog would, he'd make sure the guy was ok and continue on his lazy way. He is vicious when he needs to be.

So after the great baby shower, my dad buys a Camaro. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump..."And that's all I have to say about that."

Mother McCormick pulled off one of the greatest capers of all time when she lied to my sister Kim, making her believe that we (wifey and I) were heading to a surprise baby shower, when really, eleven of us were headed to a surprise birthday party for my sis Kim. She was very surprised. She does not cry often, and it was awesome in this case, as she was so happy to see her great friends from River Falls, her mom, dad, brother, and sister in law, future niece, and cousins (who are more like sisters) Robin, Dale, and Jill. Kim was so fooled by this lie she tried to give Mother McCormick the baby shower balloons and asked who else knew about the "surprise" from the cousins and Mother Navarre. Awesome Surprise. After we surprised my sis at Ho-Chunk casino, we traveled to the hotel to have some food and play some games. I watched as the Penguins got man-handled by the Senators...but wait. The Pens would make an amazing comeback capped off when Pascal DuPuis scored on a "twisted rista" from Jordan Staal. Fantastic ending and shenanigans to all of my penguins hater friends out there.

Finally, my wonderful wife and I made it back to Port Washington safe and sound with both dogs and a load of presents. I was able to finish the kitchen (as much as possible) and am proud to say that I didn't do too bad of a job if I do say so myself! I did a good job....It doesn't happen often, so I can say that it was worth the work. Now, I am done with dinner, I am going to watch some more hockey, and I am going to sleep very well. I hope all of the students were safe at prom this weekend and I hope the the girls soccer team can remain unbeaten with games on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
By the way, if anyone cares (I do), the
Brewers were swept by the cubs over the weekend. This is about the only bad thing that happened all weekend.
Looking forward to masters classes on Monday night and pregnancy class on Wednesday. That makes for a darn full week up until next Sunday, when I hope I can say that the Brewers win.
Go Team Awesome Kitchen!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

April 22-25

SO...last night ended with a big buzz kill. It started off great. The HHS Girls Varsity had a great game. They worked hard against a tough opponent in Menomonee Falls and capitalized early in the 2nd half for the eventual game winner 1-0.

The Brewers give one of the biggest beat downs to the Pirates in MLB history stomping the Pirates 20-0 which happens to be the largest shut-out victory since 1900.

Bryan Bulaga falls to number 23 and the Packers get a great OT for the future. I hope this guy pans out. The scouting on him had him going as high a 6th overall. Could be one of those lucky "Aaron Rodgers" picks falling right into the Packers lap.

I rush home from the soccer game to catch the 3rd overtime of the Pittsburgh Penguin game and wouldn't you know, they give up a goal which extends the series to game 6 in Ottawa. I am not liking that at all. Ottawa will be tough at home, coming off a huge win in Pittsburgh, both teams excited, home crowd support....I hope the Penguins are ready to play.

As for the rest of the weekend: Tonight I am cleaning house and watching the Brewers beat up on the Chicago "dirt bags" Cubs at Miller Park. My parents are coming in late to drop off some of my things, and then we are off to Appleton on Saturday for some cards and a baby shower. Who knows what fun things will happen after that! I am looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ok, So he isn't so bad.

How'd they do?

How did the Penguins do against the Senators last night? I am not sure? I think I missed Crosby dominating all over the place. Did anyone see that they are now up in the series 3-1?

PS: How did the Blackhawks do last night?

Monday, April 19, 2010

April Weekend

Lets start on Saturday morning. The Girls Varsity team played at outstanding game at 10am at Wauwatosa East. It was a very solid performance defensively and offensively. Although I left for the bus at 7:45am, my good cousin Tim was on his way down to Port Washington with his girls.

Tim did a great job, helping me rewire the oven and the microwave (Molly and I can once again eat) as well as hooking up the dishwasher and finishing off the needs in the circuit box. ALL is working well. The 5 of us then traveled to Rhythm and Brews for a nice dinner. We also played one of the most competitive games of Jenga I have ever been a part of.

On Sunday morning, Molly and I got up early and finished the first coat of paint on the kitchen. Then, the 4 yards of mulch was delivered and we piled it on think. As my friend Christopher said, "If I get weeds through this, I am going to be really bent." Looks very nice outside. I then cut the grass pretty short as it is growing very fast! Molly and I then painted the ceiling and only have a bit more to finish with that. The cabinet doors will go back on and we will be near the finish line of the remodel the kitchen project.

Hopefully school goes well this week and my masters class, which is on Monday night. Two soccer games this week against Milwaukee Lutheran and Menomonee Falls (solid team). NO meetings this week...YES


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Return

Well, spring break has come and gone and it was a little too fast.

We worked on the kitchen a lot but it is not done. Still some electrical, painting, and flooring to do. However, with all of that said, things look pretty good. My awesome cousin is coming down this coming weekend to help me finish a few of those problems. I feel like soon Tim may own a portion of the house with the amount of work he has done for me there. what a great guy.

Wifey and I got to go to two Admiral Hockey games which were fun...The Ads split, lost the first game and won the second. We also went to our first Brewer game of the year and that was enjoyable as the Brewers won on a walk off home run by Casey "Buster" McGehee.

The return to school was very difficult, hard to shake of the rust. LONG meeting on Tuesday, went 4+ hours. Finished well though. The Girls Varsity Soccer team tied at Grafton, too bad, the gals had some great scoring chances but could not capitalize. It was a fun game to watch even though the wind was tricky and the weather was a little chilly (40s) 2 more games this week, one Wednesday at Kenosha St. Joes and another @ Wauwatosa East. Hopefully the girls can remain unbeaten.

Finally, at the doctors office yesterday, all things still great and on track for mini-navarre to be born. Go Team Navarre!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break

Looking forward to a great spring break. Going to finish up the kitchen remodel (minus the floor) and take it easy.

Wife and I have 2 Admiral games to attend and 1 Brewer game. Does not get much better than that.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010



At work by 6:40am each morning. After school at 3:00, I coach boys volleyball practice. This ends at 5pm and I head over to the high school to work Girls soccer try-outs. The try-outs go from 5:15 to 9:30pm. Then I am headed home.

None of this includes the meetings, communications, or instructing that I enjoy doing on a daily basis at work.

It is Wednesday and I can not wait for 3/31/10 when things finally quiet down to only one practice a day and work.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An ADHD post

I like the fact that the Packers kept Clifton and Tauscher! I think keeping the line together is important. Gives the O-line some depth.

I can't wait for our kitchen remodel to get finished! It is going to be awesome...but until it happens, it is kind of stressful.

I do not like correcting math tests.

The Penguins need to go on a nice run at the end so they have some confidence going into the playoffs. You know Washington will be firing on all cylinders.

I am not looking forward to driving 12 hours in the next few days. However, I am looking forward to the in between part of the driving.

I still do not like onions....or raw tomatoes for that matter.

Is the premium sub at Subway really worth that much more than the regular sub?

According to the US History homework, Woodrow Wilson seemed to be a pretty decent president. Most people just remember him for being named Woodrow.


I am looking forward to some books to come out this summer...many are thirds in trilogy's. So that makes a lot of sense. Typically, I am not looking forward to any book coming out if it is a first because I don't know if I like it yet.

I miss having a Papa Johns nearby. I liked the poofy crust.

My little dog Sidney has some crazy fast moves when she is trying to get away from you. Oddly enough, you can use reverse psychology on her and when you walk away, she chases after you. Lambeau just sort of falls onto his back. He is lazy.

Molly and I beat the new Super Mario Bros. Game for Wii. I enjoyed it, but it did get a little frustrating when we accidentally killed each other. The end of the game reminded me of the end of the movie Hook. Robin Williams is a hairy guy. But thats not what reminded me of it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Follow Up

So...the elbow is fractured and dislocated according to the orthopaedic doctor. Option 1 was reconstructive surgery and a 6 month recovery. Needless to say, I did not take option 1. Option 2 was deal with the issues and it should be OK (as far as OK for my elbow goes) in 6 weeks. We'll see. Also, in 7th grade volleyball world, we lost to our arch rivals yesterday. We have another shot at them this coming Monday.

IN other news, the Hockey banquet went well. Seniors had a good send off. They will be missed as they were good guys. Unfortunately, now Luke is a senior and I have to deal with him all the time. Not going to be fun.
My lovely wife is doing well. We have a doctors appointment soon, so we have a chance to make sure all is well.

Busy weeks ahead!

Monday, March 8, 2010


It was a nice weekend. On Friday, I was able to catch an entire hockey game on NHL network at Christopher's house. Does not happen often.

On Saturday, Molly and I spent the entire day getting things ready. Started early with cleaning the upstairs cupboards and the workroom in the basement. Then it was a trip to Costco and Target. There was a scavenger hunt at Target that involved a missing gift card and a very fuzzy rug. All ended well. We were also able to wash and disinfect all baby items. Things are being put into place and the "nursery" is coming together. Saturday night involved the TV and the new Super Mario Bros game for Wii.

Sunday, we had an unfortunate incident with our upstairs TV not working. Hopefully that will be an easy fix. We measured all of the space in the kitchen and the hope is to figure out that situation on Monday after Volleyball. I then went to the Admirals game with the seniors from HHS hockey. It was a very fun event although the Admirals were not able to win. Sunday mens league hockey went fairly well. AVC tied one of the top teams and Navarre had two goals, including the equalizer with 30 seconds left off a brilliant pass from Chippewa Falls native Rick Z.

Monday has went well so far, most students doing well. Hope this week goes great for everyone.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I would like to tell everyone that it was some major injury sustained during men's league hockey, or participating in some harrowing, exciting activity. However, it was not. After a full year of getting hit in the face with hockey sticks, and having pucks ricochet off my shins. Playing racquetball at the YMCA, shoveling wet loads of snow, climbing up ladders to clean out gutters, running on dark, ice covered sidewalks with the It was none of these things.

I fell and hurt myself during a 7th grade volleyball practice. Were you playing with the kids you may ask? Nope, just avoiding a rather small boy from being smooshed into oblivion.

Here is the story. Navarre, standing by the net, gently tossing volleyball, many falling to the floor un-hit. As the smallest of the 7th graders ran under the net, Navarre was reaching for a ball. We collided. Now, rather than crushing the 60 pound behemoth of a 7th grader, I twisted in mid air (rather gracefully) and braced on my right arm for impact. This did not end well. I have increased in size over the last few years and my fragile elbow was not able to with-stand the awesome force of my bod.

Today, one week later, I sit at my desk icing my elbow. I do not want to go to the doctor, but a week later, this may be a necessity. I tell my story hoping to alert others to the potential danger of coaching 7th grades boys volleyball. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavours.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well Wishing

Congrats to my good friends Brent and Lindsay on the birth of his first child Max. 3/2/10

Lunch today

Today, because it is Ash Wednesday, I could not eat any meat. I had Crasins, Pineapple, Vanilla/Chocolate Snack Pack, and two pieces of string cheese.
Overall, I would have to say that this is not my ideal lunch. I prefer to eat some meat.

In other news:
Luke came in today and the treaty is still in effect...although it is very rocky. He just pinched me.
Cole's behavior towards some of his team mates has become very concerning.
Griff is a naughty person.
My wife has had a pretty good day today.
7th grade volleyball begins and it should be fun.
Busy day at school: two meetings at school and lots for the students to keep up with.
Hockey ended yesterday in a disappointing fashion: two short handed goals scored against.
Loss 5-2

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


KG is a young man who, for the last two years, has been hanging around me. I am unsure why KG hangs around. He is frequently mean. He has no idea what the trapezoid is behind the net in hockey. He misses scoring chance after scoring chance and I don't like his hair.
He wears a yellow tie, that is often knotted incorrectly. He pouts a lot, then when I say he pouts, he gets defensive about using the word pout. He hurt his wrist. I have heard from another player on the hockey team he is a part of...and I quote, "I hate everything about him."
Do you see what I mean about this kid? Then, he puts me on the "B" team. I don't even know what that means, but it cannot be nice. In fact, only one person who I have talked to said, "Well, he is a nice person." He has a gray sleeveless sweater, which is v-neck, over his blue striped shirt; I am not a fan of this at all. He mumbles. He makes weird noises and bizarre claims all of the time. That is KG.

Lunch Bejewel?

Yes, there was a lunch time bejewel that happened and you'd think..."At lunch, there is no way someone is focused enough to score well on bejewel blitz." However, you would be wrong. I had my best score ever. It wasn't all time great like some people, but it was a personal best, so I feel pretty good about it.

Friday, February 12, 2010


This is my new blog everyone. I am glad you were able to make it here.