Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

What a great Thanksgiving. We were able to go to Eau Claire and hang out with the extended Navarre family. 14 people for dinner and Ad in her Pack & Play. Food was great, the ladies went shopping early on Black Friday and we got some toys for Adie, a great Ottoman set, and a DVD.

Homestead Hockey is playing well. 3-0-0 right now with wins over Greendale, Manitowoc, and Oshkosh. Huge test for the boys this week as we play Arrowhead at The Mullet and home against KMM (Kettle Moraine-Mukwonago).

Wisconsin Badgers putting another stomping in the Big Ten hammering Northwester 70-23. Wisconsin should be smelling roses. Maybe TCU, maybe Stanford? Whoever the Badgers play, assuming the Badgers play like they have the past three weeks, they better bring their A-game. The Sconnies look TOUGH!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

He shoots...He scores

Things have been well.

HUGE win for the Homestead Hockey team. We had a great crowd at the game on the boys played great. Schmitzy and ACon had nice games with 4 points each. Our Captain and team leader Treb had 9 hits and was plus 5 in the big 6-1 victory over Greendale. Game on Friday and Saturday of next week will be huge in how the season will shape up!

I am rooting like beans tomorrow that Da' Pack win at Minnesota. They will be tied with the Bears, they will have the edge in the conference, they will have beaten Favre in MN which for any Pack fan is huge, and, it will make my Monday that much better. The Pack need to make it four in a row.

In other news, Lambeau Field Navarre had a hair cut. Now this wouldn't regularly be news except that Lamb was going to grow his hair out. It was all going well until the shedding and snarling and overall smelliness. I am not sure why, but every once and a while, Lambeau smells like fish. Not my former hockey player Fischer, but like a dead sea dweller. Horrid! Why. Someone help me here. He doesn't eat fish. He doesn't roll in dead fish like my old dog Jackson used to do. I don't rub fish on him. Eww, man it is bad. So, deciding to cut the hair was a good idea, but because I had let it go for so long, it took about 2 hours to get him back to presentable. Good news is, he doesn't smell like fish, bad news is, there is a lot of hair and I need to brush him more. On the family front, Adeline is doing fantastic. She is rolling all over the place and is a real champion. i feel bad for her right now because she has been teething and she is obviously uncomfortable.
She has been "whining" a lot and it has been hard to make her feel comfortable. Just too bad. However, things are moving well, like I wrote earlier, she has been rolling, chatty (with baby words) smiley, and growy. (Growy means she has been getting bigger). Moldy is doing well. Our new favorite thing (aside from baby) is to head to the bowling alley and hit up some Buzztime trivia. Love the trivia.

I hope everyone who reads this is doing well, and as for tomorrow


Friday, November 12, 2010


Here we are in November and I am asking myself this question, which group of guys is more ridiculous, the soccer guys or the hockey guys. It has been 3 days total with the hockey players and they may have already taken the prize. The questions they ask and the things they do is beyond me. At least they are good people and good guys, otherwise I may go insane.

The Penguins are having some serious goalie issues, they sit Fluery only to have Johnson give up 7 goals. The Brewers have a new manager, Roenicke, from the LA Angels of Aneheim.

The Pack may indeed be back. Clay Matthews is a monster and Rodgers has finally put a game together, as well as special teams. Watch Matthews mic'ed up here!

Had a great time at the Packer game where they thumped the Cowboys. America's team....don't think so. Unless you think America is a bunch of giver uppers.