Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bam: Thats Lambeau and Sidney!

These are the Port Navarre's dogs. The 8lb behemoth in the rear of the picture is Sidney Crosby you know who is going to be on you like lightning. The One Eyed Wonder in the front is Lambeau Field Navarre, so after lightning hits, Cyclops is going to finish the job!
Look at them attack those chewies. Those chewies used to be John Cena!


Nice times had by all

What a fantastic weekend!

Friday, good soccer practice, finished painting ceiling in kitchen and cleaned the whole house. My friend Debbie had me over for a soda on the sidewalk and I pulled her daughter, Jenna, on her Rollerblades. (She should be a hockey player)

Saturday: Molly and I went to a great baby shower and got some awesome presents. Our friends and family are so generous. I don't know what we would do without them. My dog, Lambeau, protected the presents while they were in the car. He even had a first aid kit for the present-napper. He would have mauled the thief within an inch of his life, then, like any good dog would, he'd make sure the guy was ok and continue on his lazy way. He is vicious when he needs to be.

So after the great baby shower, my dad buys a Camaro. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump..."And that's all I have to say about that."

Mother McCormick pulled off one of the greatest capers of all time when she lied to my sister Kim, making her believe that we (wifey and I) were heading to a surprise baby shower, when really, eleven of us were headed to a surprise birthday party for my sis Kim. She was very surprised. She does not cry often, and it was awesome in this case, as she was so happy to see her great friends from River Falls, her mom, dad, brother, and sister in law, future niece, and cousins (who are more like sisters) Robin, Dale, and Jill. Kim was so fooled by this lie she tried to give Mother McCormick the baby shower balloons and asked who else knew about the "surprise" from the cousins and Mother Navarre. Awesome Surprise. After we surprised my sis at Ho-Chunk casino, we traveled to the hotel to have some food and play some games. I watched as the Penguins got man-handled by the Senators...but wait. The Pens would make an amazing comeback capped off when Pascal DuPuis scored on a "twisted rista" from Jordan Staal. Fantastic ending and shenanigans to all of my penguins hater friends out there.

Finally, my wonderful wife and I made it back to Port Washington safe and sound with both dogs and a load of presents. I was able to finish the kitchen (as much as possible) and am proud to say that I didn't do too bad of a job if I do say so myself! I did a good job....It doesn't happen often, so I can say that it was worth the work. Now, I am done with dinner, I am going to watch some more hockey, and I am going to sleep very well. I hope all of the students were safe at prom this weekend and I hope the the girls soccer team can remain unbeaten with games on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
By the way, if anyone cares (I do), the
Brewers were swept by the cubs over the weekend. This is about the only bad thing that happened all weekend.
Looking forward to masters classes on Monday night and pregnancy class on Wednesday. That makes for a darn full week up until next Sunday, when I hope I can say that the Brewers win.
Go Team Awesome Kitchen!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

April 22-25

SO...last night ended with a big buzz kill. It started off great. The HHS Girls Varsity had a great game. They worked hard against a tough opponent in Menomonee Falls and capitalized early in the 2nd half for the eventual game winner 1-0.

The Brewers give one of the biggest beat downs to the Pirates in MLB history stomping the Pirates 20-0 which happens to be the largest shut-out victory since 1900.

Bryan Bulaga falls to number 23 and the Packers get a great OT for the future. I hope this guy pans out. The scouting on him had him going as high a 6th overall. Could be one of those lucky "Aaron Rodgers" picks falling right into the Packers lap.

I rush home from the soccer game to catch the 3rd overtime of the Pittsburgh Penguin game and wouldn't you know, they give up a goal which extends the series to game 6 in Ottawa. I am not liking that at all. Ottawa will be tough at home, coming off a huge win in Pittsburgh, both teams excited, home crowd support....I hope the Penguins are ready to play.

As for the rest of the weekend: Tonight I am cleaning house and watching the Brewers beat up on the Chicago "dirt bags" Cubs at Miller Park. My parents are coming in late to drop off some of my things, and then we are off to Appleton on Saturday for some cards and a baby shower. Who knows what fun things will happen after that! I am looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Ok, So he isn't so bad.

How'd they do?

How did the Penguins do against the Senators last night? I am not sure? I think I missed Crosby dominating all over the place. Did anyone see that they are now up in the series 3-1?

PS: How did the Blackhawks do last night?

Monday, April 19, 2010

April Weekend

Lets start on Saturday morning. The Girls Varsity team played at outstanding game at 10am at Wauwatosa East. It was a very solid performance defensively and offensively. Although I left for the bus at 7:45am, my good cousin Tim was on his way down to Port Washington with his girls.

Tim did a great job, helping me rewire the oven and the microwave (Molly and I can once again eat) as well as hooking up the dishwasher and finishing off the needs in the circuit box. ALL is working well. The 5 of us then traveled to Rhythm and Brews for a nice dinner. We also played one of the most competitive games of Jenga I have ever been a part of.

On Sunday morning, Molly and I got up early and finished the first coat of paint on the kitchen. Then, the 4 yards of mulch was delivered and we piled it on think. As my friend Christopher said, "If I get weeds through this, I am going to be really bent." Looks very nice outside. I then cut the grass pretty short as it is growing very fast! Molly and I then painted the ceiling and only have a bit more to finish with that. The cabinet doors will go back on and we will be near the finish line of the remodel the kitchen project.

Hopefully school goes well this week and my masters class, which is on Monday night. Two soccer games this week against Milwaukee Lutheran and Menomonee Falls (solid team). NO meetings this week...YES


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Return

Well, spring break has come and gone and it was a little too fast.

We worked on the kitchen a lot but it is not done. Still some electrical, painting, and flooring to do. However, with all of that said, things look pretty good. My awesome cousin is coming down this coming weekend to help me finish a few of those problems. I feel like soon Tim may own a portion of the house with the amount of work he has done for me there. what a great guy.

Wifey and I got to go to two Admiral Hockey games which were fun...The Ads split, lost the first game and won the second. We also went to our first Brewer game of the year and that was enjoyable as the Brewers won on a walk off home run by Casey "Buster" McGehee.

The return to school was very difficult, hard to shake of the rust. LONG meeting on Tuesday, went 4+ hours. Finished well though. The Girls Varsity Soccer team tied at Grafton, too bad, the gals had some great scoring chances but could not capitalize. It was a fun game to watch even though the wind was tricky and the weather was a little chilly (40s) 2 more games this week, one Wednesday at Kenosha St. Joes and another @ Wauwatosa East. Hopefully the girls can remain unbeaten.

Finally, at the doctors office yesterday, all things still great and on track for mini-navarre to be born. Go Team Navarre!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break

Looking forward to a great spring break. Going to finish up the kitchen remodel (minus the floor) and take it easy.

Wife and I have 2 Admiral games to attend and 1 Brewer game. Does not get much better than that.