Wednesday, March 24, 2010



At work by 6:40am each morning. After school at 3:00, I coach boys volleyball practice. This ends at 5pm and I head over to the high school to work Girls soccer try-outs. The try-outs go from 5:15 to 9:30pm. Then I am headed home.

None of this includes the meetings, communications, or instructing that I enjoy doing on a daily basis at work.

It is Wednesday and I can not wait for 3/31/10 when things finally quiet down to only one practice a day and work.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An ADHD post

I like the fact that the Packers kept Clifton and Tauscher! I think keeping the line together is important. Gives the O-line some depth.

I can't wait for our kitchen remodel to get finished! It is going to be awesome...but until it happens, it is kind of stressful.

I do not like correcting math tests.

The Penguins need to go on a nice run at the end so they have some confidence going into the playoffs. You know Washington will be firing on all cylinders.

I am not looking forward to driving 12 hours in the next few days. However, I am looking forward to the in between part of the driving.

I still do not like onions....or raw tomatoes for that matter.

Is the premium sub at Subway really worth that much more than the regular sub?

According to the US History homework, Woodrow Wilson seemed to be a pretty decent president. Most people just remember him for being named Woodrow.


I am looking forward to some books to come out this summer...many are thirds in trilogy's. So that makes a lot of sense. Typically, I am not looking forward to any book coming out if it is a first because I don't know if I like it yet.

I miss having a Papa Johns nearby. I liked the poofy crust.

My little dog Sidney has some crazy fast moves when she is trying to get away from you. Oddly enough, you can use reverse psychology on her and when you walk away, she chases after you. Lambeau just sort of falls onto his back. He is lazy.

Molly and I beat the new Super Mario Bros. Game for Wii. I enjoyed it, but it did get a little frustrating when we accidentally killed each other. The end of the game reminded me of the end of the movie Hook. Robin Williams is a hairy guy. But thats not what reminded me of it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Follow Up

So...the elbow is fractured and dislocated according to the orthopaedic doctor. Option 1 was reconstructive surgery and a 6 month recovery. Needless to say, I did not take option 1. Option 2 was deal with the issues and it should be OK (as far as OK for my elbow goes) in 6 weeks. We'll see. Also, in 7th grade volleyball world, we lost to our arch rivals yesterday. We have another shot at them this coming Monday.

IN other news, the Hockey banquet went well. Seniors had a good send off. They will be missed as they were good guys. Unfortunately, now Luke is a senior and I have to deal with him all the time. Not going to be fun.
My lovely wife is doing well. We have a doctors appointment soon, so we have a chance to make sure all is well.

Busy weeks ahead!

Monday, March 8, 2010


It was a nice weekend. On Friday, I was able to catch an entire hockey game on NHL network at Christopher's house. Does not happen often.

On Saturday, Molly and I spent the entire day getting things ready. Started early with cleaning the upstairs cupboards and the workroom in the basement. Then it was a trip to Costco and Target. There was a scavenger hunt at Target that involved a missing gift card and a very fuzzy rug. All ended well. We were also able to wash and disinfect all baby items. Things are being put into place and the "nursery" is coming together. Saturday night involved the TV and the new Super Mario Bros game for Wii.

Sunday, we had an unfortunate incident with our upstairs TV not working. Hopefully that will be an easy fix. We measured all of the space in the kitchen and the hope is to figure out that situation on Monday after Volleyball. I then went to the Admirals game with the seniors from HHS hockey. It was a very fun event although the Admirals were not able to win. Sunday mens league hockey went fairly well. AVC tied one of the top teams and Navarre had two goals, including the equalizer with 30 seconds left off a brilliant pass from Chippewa Falls native Rick Z.

Monday has went well so far, most students doing well. Hope this week goes great for everyone.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I would like to tell everyone that it was some major injury sustained during men's league hockey, or participating in some harrowing, exciting activity. However, it was not. After a full year of getting hit in the face with hockey sticks, and having pucks ricochet off my shins. Playing racquetball at the YMCA, shoveling wet loads of snow, climbing up ladders to clean out gutters, running on dark, ice covered sidewalks with the It was none of these things.

I fell and hurt myself during a 7th grade volleyball practice. Were you playing with the kids you may ask? Nope, just avoiding a rather small boy from being smooshed into oblivion.

Here is the story. Navarre, standing by the net, gently tossing volleyball, many falling to the floor un-hit. As the smallest of the 7th graders ran under the net, Navarre was reaching for a ball. We collided. Now, rather than crushing the 60 pound behemoth of a 7th grader, I twisted in mid air (rather gracefully) and braced on my right arm for impact. This did not end well. I have increased in size over the last few years and my fragile elbow was not able to with-stand the awesome force of my bod.

Today, one week later, I sit at my desk icing my elbow. I do not want to go to the doctor, but a week later, this may be a necessity. I tell my story hoping to alert others to the potential danger of coaching 7th grades boys volleyball. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavours.