Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was successful.

Homestead High School Varsity soccer won all three games during the week and has a tough match today vs. Cedarburg. They need a win to stay competitive in the battle for conference.


Tomorrow, I get to stay at home with my baby girl and take care of her.

Isn't she great!!!

Had a great cookout with my friends from the Racine area. He brought his two wonderful kids and we had a great time.

My Fantasy Football drafts went well and now we are also on to Fantasy Hockey as the season quickly approaches.

Go Team Child Rear (rear...ha)

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Week

Things going fairly smooth at school. Still lots of schedule changes and such.

Big weekend for soccer, the boys have a game Friday and Saturday.

I also have three fantasy drafts this weekend.

Looking forward to having Monday (Labor Day) off.

Go HHS BOYS SOCCER and My Fantasy Football Teams!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st day catch-up

So lots going on...similar to the older post, I am going to go speed style.
- 1st day of school went well. I am looking forward to my new team teaching assignment
- I am also looking forward to this weekend
- Fantasy football draft at Dave and Busters
- 2 soccer games that HHS boys should win
- 1 soccer game that Navarre should score in
- Time with my beautiful wife and daughter
- Go Brewers even though they are done a long time ago
- Packers look like they could have a very memorable season. I am looking forward to cheering for Rodgers, Finley, Driver, Jennings, Grant, Matthews, Raji, Woodson and the entire team soon enough
- School has been great and I really like my new students. I think they will be great.
- Adeline looks great and has one of the best pictures in the history of babies
- I am already looking forward to hockey season...HHS, Pittsburgh Penguins, Putnum Ratz...ho Hockey. Hope all is well with everyone!

Go Team School Year Starts