Saturday, July 24, 2010

It Has Been Awhile

Wow, the last time I posted was before the big state championship soccer game. Unfortunately, the girls from Homestead could not overcome an early (42 seconds) lead by Verona and lost 2-0. It was a great and successful season and look forward to goo things to come from the Homestead Ladies.

Adeline had a doctors appointment yesterday and she is now 10 pounds 11 oz. She is packin on the pounds and seems to be doing very well (with the normal baby things that go on). I am looking forward to her getting even bigger.

I finished my 3rd and 4th masters classes over the summer. Policy and research were the classes (tons of fun) see:

We are on our way to Adeline's second Brewer game. This time we are going to tailgate and see how it goes. She has plenty of stuff to keep busty with and we have provided numerous options for shade and comfort. Wish that happened to me sometimes.

Navarre started running a little the past few weeks. Did I mention how much I hate running. Well, Mr. Heart and Mr. Weight both came to see me and let me know that something had to change. Sooooo, we will see how it goes. My side constantly hurts and I think there is something wrong with both of my legs because even though I tell them to keep running, they take walk detours and also gaze longingly at taverns and beverage establishments. I have to change my route.

Hope all is well, I am going to post a little more often if I can. we shall see.

Go Brew Crew and Go Team Legs, Heart, Weight!