Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quick Update

Hope all is well with everyone. As it has been so long since my last update, I am going with a general info update.

Health update:
Things are amazing normal at the moment. I have been getting to school everyday and pick Adeline up from the day care almost everyday. Taking all of my medications, slowly weening from my anti-rejection medicine, and feeling pretty good. I have avoided the flu bug, although my sinuses are making a mean comeback. Those headaches...you know the ones where the back of your eyes hurt...are a pain in the...head, but they are deal-able.

The season is incredibly busy, but going very very well. We had some struggles at the beginning of the season, but we have slowly started to put some things together. The goal for each game now is to match or improve our intensity from the game before. Combine that with fewer and fewer mistakes and we will be a tough team come playoff time. Coach Craig keeps me on my toes, reminding me of all the things I forget to tell him. It has been great getting to know Coach B. My fantastic (and one year older as of yesterday) wife led me to a Green Bay native and he has fit right in with the Homestead staff. JV has had a solid run as well, competing at a high level with all the teams they are matched up against. Coach Jake and Spartz are keeping those guys working at a high level. The whole staff has been great and fun to work with.

Do I dare bring up the game the Packers had against the 49ers? No, it just makes me angry. The NHL is coming back...although it has been a crazy disappointment that they had a lockout at all. Brewers will start soon enough and I'll have something else to whine about.

Finally, congrats to all of my friends who have taken the leap into parenthood for the first time, or once again! Deckers, Bergers, Olsen's, Kurth's and a few others who may or may not have let the cat out of the bag (literally)! Don't want to spoil any surprises. GOOD LUCK!!

Hope all is healthy and happy!!

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