Thursday, May 24, 2012

Been a While

Good morning everyone! Hope all is well. Figured it was overdue for an update, and since Adeline is matching shoes with Bert on Sesame Street, I'd get this out of the way.

Medical update: My big 180 day appointment is coming up on Tuesday after Memorial Day. This appointment is all the important information once again...PFT's (Pulmonary Function Test..Lungs), Bone Marrow Biopsy, Meeting with Doc, Blood...and possibly a few others...those are the biggies. For the most part, I have been feeling well. There was some mix ups with my medications, which was taking a bit of a toll on my liver...but it seems like things have gotten straightened out. I was still taking a treatment dose of an anti fungal, this just needed to be a prophylactic dose. I also got a prescription from the pharmacy and by computer error, the dose was 5mg instead of . 5 which is a rather large mistake. Finally, I was on a very, very high dose of prednisone(steroids) and that was not making things any easier. I think we have finally got all the meds back to normal, which is much easier on my stomach and liver. Also, I did have a little bit of GVHD in my gut. The great thing about this is that the doc says this will actually make my chances of relapse less likely! What a strange thing...but great!

Adeline update: Well, things have been a little weird with the little girl. She had a couple more seizures, which were scary because they still are not positive why they are happening. Not related to seizures.  So.. Rotavirus? Just who she is? She is back on the anti-seizure med (overall she is pretty good at taking the meds). We have also started her on a Gluten Free diet, see if that helps with things. Bummer for her, she loved the Hotcakes from Mc D's...oh well.

Sports update: Haven't been able to talk much sports. Pretty depressing in the pro ranks at the moment. Brewers are playing terrible, and the Penguins totally lost it in the Playoffs...against the Flyers no less. Terrible. On the bright side, I always have the Packers to look forward too...really liked their draft and feel they made a lot of moves to improve their abysmal defense. I understand they were 15-1, but anyone who says they didn't need defense was out of their minds.  However, the Packers already have their first trophy of the year with Double D winning the Mirrorball trophy! The HHS Girls soccer team has been up and down. Very very talented, but when they make a mistake, it usually results in a goal...they head into playoffs this coming week. It has been awesome getting back into the swing of coaching...and the gals are so much fun, not only to coach, but they are so much fun to be around. All the teams were such a huge part in getting me back to good health and they have made it so easy to come back.

Hope this finds everyone else doing well, have a great Memorial weekend and enjoy good weather!!


  1. Sounding great, tony! I will be missing you by one day at Froedtert....I will be there Wednesday next week! Good luck with all the tests! I know the results will be fabulous!

    1. You too, anything big or just your normal checks?